Based out of New York City and Osaka Japan, Nobumichi Miyagi is a guitarist/singer-songwriter whose music style falls under many classifications such as Rock and Roll, Honduras traditional music, Reggae, Folk, Traditional Japanese music, Caribbean Music, among many other styles.
Nobu grew up in a Buddhist Temple near Osaka and Kyoto city in a small area of the Hyogo prefecture. He moved to New York City to pursue his dreams in music in 2005. His love of music began at age 8 by playing the traditional Japanese drum called the Taiko, which he would play every year in his home town for the Buddhist festivals. At fourteen years of age, Nobu further developed his love for music. Influenced by American culture through watching American movies and TV, and listening to American music, he like most young boys learned how to play guitar and formed rock and folk bands with his friends. He and his bands played in his home town and further regions such as Kansai region, Kawanishi city, Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto. Whether as a single act or with the band, he played small venues as well as city and town festivals. Nobu is a self taught guitar player and remains determined to continue to learn all aspects of guitar playing including various styles. When Nobu moved to New York, he continued to play at a profession level and joined a band, whose genre is Honduran traditional music. Approached by a fellow musician, Bodoma from Honduras who also came to New York to work professionally, Nobu, excited to perform reggae and Garfunia traditional music, joined the band. Through this band, Bodoma was looking to spread his culture through Garifuna Honduras’ traditional music. The band plays many venues in New York City and has played at the request of the Honduran Embassy in locations including New York State, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Boston and Atlanta. Nobu’s highest ambition is to continue to play music in America professionally. He has proved himself as a guitar player, songwriter, and an all around likable guy.

Recently BODOMA band were performing at New York TV station 
UNIVISION 41 2010 June.
Bodoma (Carlos Norales) made albums with garifua musicians and Nobu joined projects in 2009. Released CDs at iTunes,, CDbaby, Napster 2009 April 5th "Gari Rasta" and new album 2009 September 19th “Maracas Claves y Tambor". New recordings to be released in 2011.